Large International Dollshouse & Miniatures Event
Grote Internationale Poppenhuis & Miniaturenbeurs
Groβe Internationale Puppenhäuser & Miniaturen-Messe
Brabanthalls 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) October 20 & 21    2018
Dates & opening hours for exhibitors:
Baroniehal  (parking for exhibitors is free).

Build up: Friday October 19. from 10.00 AM until 17.00 PM
Build up: Saturday October 20. from 7.00 until 9.30
Sunday October 21. open for exhibitors from 10.00 AM. - 16.00 PM (dismateling) from 16.00 PM until 19.00 PM.

Opening hours for visitors
The opening hours are Saturday 20. October from 10.00 AM - 17.00 PM
Sunday 21. October from 11.00 AM - 16.00 PM

Information for exhibitors

On Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 of October, 2018 it is going to happen in s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands! The famous event location Brabanthallen will be transformed into the vibrant world of dolls houses and doll house miniatures in a separate haal next to the dolls and teddy bears show! TWO HALLS
This renewed concept will take place for the second time during the 27th edition next to one of the largest dolls and teddy bear fairs in the world!  The Organisation Niesje Wolters van Bemmel intend to revive an old tradition and shape it into an amazing renewed event for many years to come.                                             

Do not hesitate and ask us for how to participate in this special event! Contact Suzan and Paul for information:  Mobil Phone: 0031 6 900 33 458 ask us for the entry form:
We have decided to do this in order to acquaint our approximately 5,500 visitors who each year come to our Dolls and Teddy Bear Fair with the fascinating world of dolls houses and miniatures, and also to surprise existing fans of dolls houses and miniatures with an unprecedented abundance of collectibles!
Participants from several countries: form the UK, Spain, Italy, Switserland, Danmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Russia, Germany, Canada and the USA  are already registered.

It goes without saying that we are working on an international advertising campaign in the leading journals concerning Dolls Houses and Miniatures, in order to inspire the enthusiasts worldwide to come to this special event. All possible media will be informed, both national and international ones; furthermore, there will be outdoor advertising on billboards etc. Flyers in seven languages are currently being distributed in several countries. Our facebook page has nearly 40.000 'likes' and the Dolls Houses and Miniatures Fair will be extensively promoted there.

A special website  in 10 languages for this Dolls Houses & Miniatures Event and a worldwide distributed newsletter (also in 10 languages), will help to emphasize that this is going to be a separate exhibition, in addition to the usual Dolls and Bears Fair We will do everything possible to shape this international event in the Brabanthallen into a festive festival.  Before the show we will publish an exhibitorlist + floorplan on this website!

For fans of dolls houses and miniatures within the Netherlands and Belgium tour buses with various bus stops will be put into service, as well as shuttle buses from the main station Hertogenbosch to the fair grounds, altough it is just a10 minute walk to the exhibition halls.

Brabanthallen 's-Hertogenbosch
, is thanks to the wider road network and the convenient proximity to the central station, by car or public transport easily accessible. The large parking lot provides space for over 4,000 cars. Moreover, there is a large car park for the exhibitors for free near the hall to unload and leave the car, the entrance for cars of exhibitors is unlimited.
Brabanthallen 's-Hertogenbosch is easily accessible by car and is about 50 minutes drive from the port of Rotterdam = Hull/Rotterdam Ferry or Harwich/Hoek van Holland in about 70 minutes. StenaLine    P&O Ferries

From Airport Eindhoven - European Flights, (London Stansted with Ryanair) it is by car about 25 minutes drive to Brabanthallen ‘s-Hertogenbosch
From Maastricht Airport European Flights, about 60 minutes by car to Brabanthalls ‘s-Hertogenbosch
From Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport 60 minutes by car or by train to Brabanthalls ‘s-Hertogenbosch
From Brussels Airport International (Belgium) about 80 minutes by car to Brabanthalls ‘s-Hertogenbosch
From Dusseldorf Airport (Germany) International, about 80 minutes by car to Brabanthalls ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Address: Brabanthallen, Diezekade 2, 5222 AK 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands

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‘The Big Event’: 2018 Brabanthallen, 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) October Saturday 20. en Sunday 21.  2018
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