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How one of the world's largest Dolls and Teddy Bears Fairs came into being.

In 1976 Niesje Wolters van Bemmel started the Dolls and Teddy Bears Fairs, together with a handful of authors who wrote books about making your own dolls and/or teddy bears, dollshouses and other crafts. These books were published by the publishing house of Max and Niesje Wolters van Bemmel.

Growth of the fair

From 1976 onwards, Niesje organized up to about 100 fairs per year in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and even in Denmark and Curaçao. In 1979, its largest exhibition was so crowded in the location of 'De Doelen in Rotterdam (NL) that the available space was no longer adequate to receive the vast crowd of visitors. The management of the ´Doelen´ advised Niesje to move to the Ahoy' in Rotterdam, a major event location. At that location, the fair has developed into one of the largest in the world in the field of dolls and teddy bears, mixed with dolls houses and miniatures.

Organization of the fair

Since 2011 the Dolls and Teddy Bears Fairs are organized by the successors of Niesje: her daughter Suzan Wolters and Suzan´s husband Paul Dorresteijn. Meanwhile, the largest fair moved to a more appropriate location in 2013: the ´Brabanthallen´ in  's-Hertogenbosch (NL), a more accessible event location situated in the centre of the Netherlands and with a larger parking capacity (4,000 cars). The location is easily accessible from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany; moreover, Eindhoven Airport is only 20 minutes by car and the central train station is within a walking distance of 10 minutes.

Participation in this event is limited to dollshouses,dollhouseminiatures, dolls and teddy bear makers, antique dealers who specialize in antique dolls and accessories, companies selling all kinds of associated items, gladdening the many hobbyists who can look for examples and material with which they will be able to create their own dolls and teddy bears, their dolls houses with miniatures. The organizers have divided the fair into 2 halls: antique and old dolls + accessories, contemporary dolls and teddy bears and a separate hall for dollshoiuses and miniatures.

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